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  • Early warnings of undisclosed SEC probes.
  • Results from over 2,500 Freedom of Information Act requests we file annually with the SEC.
  • Real-time email alerts.
  • All FOIA Updates and Disclosure Insight® Reports
  • Our Watch List of companies with
    undisclosed SEC probes. (Updated monthly)
  • Access to our full archive, including documents we reference in our reports.

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  • All of our content.
  • Analyst access with 100% confidentiality.
  • Assistance interpreting company
    announcements & disclosures.
  • Ability to have us file FOIA requests
    on companies you care about.
  • Portfolio monitoring.
  • Private meetings & invitation-only conference calls.
  • Soft dollar and "vote shop" payment arrangements.

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*Soft-dollar price is $1,500. 

Pro-rated refunds are happily provided (less a one-month minimum fee) so long as you cancel within 30 days. 
No refunds will be granted after 30 days.  

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*NoteThe offer of a pro-rated refund does not apply to public companies we write on, their agents, representatives, or employees. 
They are never entitled to a refund and, by subscribing to our service, they accept we can cancel their subscription
at any time and keep their money - all of it - with, or without, notice or cause.

In addition, refunds will only be issued to an individual - or anyone at the same firm - once in each 24-month period.