Twitter: Undisclosed SEC Probe. Plus: The SEC Investigated & Reviewed Twitter’s User Metrics Many Times in Past 10 Years


Twitter, Inc. – TWTR   $38.28 US   Mkt Cap: $29.3 B

Confirmed Update. Undisclosed SEC investigation again confirmed at Twitter.  Maintained on Watch List.

In response to a few tweets we saw:  The SEC already investigated and reviewed Twitter’s user metrics – many times, most recently in 2020-2021. Twitter kept investors in the dark on this, as well as any ongoing SEC investigation(s). A credible due diligence effort would have easily found this activity.  A lot going on here, right?  

  • The first Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) response indicating the latest SEC investigation of Twitter was dated 13-May-2019. On-going enforcement proceedings now confirmed on appeal four times since, most recently on 15-Mar-2022.**  

Investors will likely find a recently confirmed SEC investigation of Twitter more interesting now that Elon Musk is on the scene.  We know it’s not because of him.

The Big Question:  What is the undisclosed SEC investigation about that we’ve been tracking at Twitter since May-2019?  Is there just one investigation?  Twitter management needs to speak fully and clearly to this.

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