Tesla / SolarCity: Governance Conflicts, Disclosure Shortcomings


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Tesla / SolarCity: Governance Conflicts, Disclosure Shortcomings

Analyst Summary:  In the past we wrote of undisclosed problems found each at Tesla and SolarCity.  Even if since resolved, which is not necessarily clear in the case of Tesla, some of the key players remain. To our view, prior undisclosed activities leave open the risk for governance conflicts and potential disclosure weaknesses today. With a proposed transaction on deck, revisiting upon our earlier reports all the more pressing.  We include two of them here; one on Tesla, the other on SolarCity.  We also include the disclosures regarding “Related Party Transactions” that appeared in the Tesla Proxy filed 15-Apr-2016.  The overlap between Tesla and SolarCity is so significant as to reduce the term “arms-length” to little more than an unpersuasive, if not cynical, talking point.   

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