Research Update - November 16, 2021

American Electric Power Company, Inc. – AEP
BGC Partners, Inc. – BGCP

Brixmor Property Group, Inc. – BRX
CVS Health Corporation – CVS
FibroGen, Inc. – FGEN
Gilead Sciences, the Immunomedics unit – GILD/IMMU
Haemonetics Corp. – HAE
Myriad Genetics, Inc. – MYGN
Target Corporation – TGT
XL Fleet Corp. – XL

Plus:  174 companeis with no recent SEC investigative records found.

From John's Desk -

It’s not even Thanksgiving yet, and the birdbath is already frozen solid. You’ve heard the expression, “at least it’s a dry heat.” The same applies to the cold. For having lived on both the East Coast, and now here in Minnesota, I learned that when the air temperature here gets really low, there is virtually no humidity.  That is, it’s a “dry cold”. That actually makes it much easier to tolerate the cold than when the temperature hovers closer to freezing.  I’m sure you can’t wait to hear more of my fun facts on the seasons, but let’s save that as something to look forward to. 

We do have a lot for you in today’s report, including 174 companies with no recent SEC investigative records found.  Starting on page 6, all those companies are in a table you can rapidly scan to see if any companies you care about are there.

Here’s a quick rundown on the good stuff –

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