Removed From Watch List - Federal-Mogul Holdings Corporation


The Probes Reporter™ Watch List tracks those companies involved in undisclosed SEC investigative activity.  Names are added to and removed from this list frequently based on responses we receive to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests we file with the SEC.  This is our latest update.

Federal-Mogul Holdings Corporation (FDML)   
No Records Found on Appeal

Removed from Watch List

  • 09-Sep-2014:  In response to our administrative appeal, the SEC has now informed us there are no records responsive to our request.  While the SEC’s letter was not specific, we were told this could mean --
    • There was an investigation that concluded in the past but the SEC’s records were not current at the time of our request.
    • Alternatively, there may be an investigation involving not the company, but some other person or entity and the company was incidentally named or tangentially listed.
  • 20-Aug-2014: The SEC cites the "law enforcement exemption" of the FOIA as basis to deny the public access to the detailed records we sought on this company.  As a matter of law, they are acknowledging some sort of investigative activity. At this time, no disclosure of SEC investigative activity was found in the past two years of this company’s SEC filings. We filed an administrative appeal to challenge this denial.
  • 28-May-2013:  SEC indicates no recent investigative activity found.
  • 11-Jul-2012:  SEC indicates no recent investigative activity found.

No documents were provided to us on this company for any of our searches.

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Notes: The SEC did not disclose the details on investigations referenced above. The SEC reminds us that its assertion of the law enforcement exemption should not be construed as an indication by the Commission or its staff that any violations of law have occurred with respect to any person, entity, or security.  New SEC investigative activity could theoretically begin or end after the date covered by this latest information which would not be reflected here.