BofI Holding had a Two-Year SEC Probe that Ended in June 2017


The probe was formal, at least two subpoenas sent to company.

Note:  There are SEC documents that are referenced in this report. They are only visible and available to our paid client subscribers. 

“Disclosure Games®” is a term we use to highlight those public companies engaging in disclosure practices that in our opinion may be misleading, confusing, evasive, or otherwise lacking the transparency needed for investors to make well-informed investment decisions regarding a potentially material exposure.  For reasons outlined in this report, we have identified BofI Holding, Inc. as a company playing Disclosure Games.

Summary and Opinion: Newly acquired SEC documents now remove all doubt about the existence of a recent SEC investigation at BofI Holding (BOFI).  This poses new challenges to the credibility of CEO Greg Garrabrants, a man who elevated whining about one’s critics into something of an art form. It also opens the question of what happens next.  You’ve been misled, it’s not good – and the impact from the SEC probe could last.