As Elon Musk Hyped and Happy-Talked Investors and Fans, Tesla Kept Quiet About a Year-Long Formal SEC Probe into the Model 3.


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Tesla Motors, Inc.
$339.03   Mkt Cap $56.98 B

Summary and Opinion:  In what’s sure to be ammo for both Elon Musk fans and haters alike, we recently acquired documents that show from Jun-2016 to 31-May-2017, the SEC conducted a formal investigation of Tesla Motors that was squarely focused on the company’s Model 3. The probe was in-depth and got into a wide range of items similar to questions raised by company skeptics.  It also named Goldman Sachs and looked at the timing of its analyst report upgrading Tesla ahead of the company announcing a $2 billion stock offering later that same day, in May-2016. Goldman and Morgan Stanley were the lead underwriters.  The probe ended on 31-May-2017 with no enforcement action recommended. 

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