Coverage List and Sample Reports

On this page you can access our coverage list as well as sample reports.  We routinely produce four primary types of research reports.  They are --

  • FOIA Update - This is a quick-read format designed to rapidly deliver the latest results from the 2,500 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests we file each year on public companies.  This is where our alerts to undisclosed SEC probes are frequently found.
  • Disclosure Insight® Reports - This is a report format we use to provide analysis and opinion on a disclosure matter pertaining to a public company. Like all our work, it is heavily reliant on our expertise in interpreting public company disclosures paired with using the Freedom of Information Act.
  • SEC Profiles - We occasionally publish these reports which show the entire history we have on a public company in our database at the time. 

To access the coverage list and sample reports, simply click on the PDFs posted here. 

To learn more about our research process, including how to best use this information in your own decision-making, click here.

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